When life kicks you in the teeth you value the real shit

You don’t really value the life you are living until you get your teeth punched in by a health scare. I’m saying this after experiencing this more than once. When you’re lying there unable to do shit and thinking about your choices, you won’t be pushing for more money. You won’t be craving more recognition. You won’t be desiring a promotion. The only thing you’ll be begging for is to get the life you had. The life you always bashed. The life you were never grateful for.

Comfort is the death of progress

Comfort is the death of progress. The moment you stop struggling is the moment your growth halts. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. This is deeply rooted inside of us and is a requirement for living a satisfying life.

All those times when I stood for something I believed in and struggled to make it, I ended up gaining more than my end goal. The most important of which was self-respect and confidence.

3 reasons why you should be taking notes

If you aren’t taking notes while going through your work, you are making a big mistake. You are setting yourself up for lots of time spent doing the exact same thing. If you take a tiny bit of time to organize the information in form of simple notes, you’ll be doing yourself more favors than you may think.

  • You’ll be freeing up mental space and sorting the clutter
  • You’ll be saving time and energy when you need the information again
  • You’ll be creating a history of your work

Take advantage of your peak brain

There is a part of the day when your brain is at its absolute peak. This is usually 2 hours after waking up. You’ll be surprised by how efficient you are during this phase. You’ll think things differently, come up with better solutions and execute faster. Use that time wisely.

The most poisonous thing in the world

Regret is poison. It eats you up from the inside. If you can fix it, get it done as soon as possible. If there is nothing that can undo that, better move on and get on with your life. However, the greatest strategy is none of these. The best thing you can do for yourself is to avoid things that you’ll regret later on.

Why do we feel frustrated in the workplace?

When you are feeling frustrated at work for no apparent reason, look at your surroundings. Try to organize things in their place. Hide stuff that doesn’t need to be sitting on your table like wires etc. Clean up your Desktop. Organize your Downloads. Do a rough cleanup of your files. De-clutter your workspace and you de-clutter your mind.

You must get rid of non-zero days

Promise yourself to have “non-zero” days and religiously stick with that. I came upon this concept on Reddit. The rule is simple. Do something that takes you one step towards your goal. It doesn’t have to be much. Read one line. Write two paragraphs. Practice for 5 minutes. Even if you improve as little as 0.5 percent, that’s still something. 0.5 is still bigger than 0 and adds up to become 182 in a year. Way bigger than zero.