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7 ideas to unleash your creative demons

Creativity is freedom. It lets you break out of the limits and expectations. You express your true self without filters. You put out what believe in without holding back. No one can be creative all the time. Writers, philosophers, painters, and all other kinds of artists. At some point, they face the dilemma of not knowing what to tackle next. What separates legends from everyone else is the grit to suffer these moments....

March 14, 2022 路 7 min 路 Saqib Razzaq

8 Proven Habits to Change Your Life

The hunt for magical shift buttons is pointless. The desire to change your life overnight will yield nothing but disappointment. The rapid-fire changing approach doesn鈥檛 work. Instead, your energy has a better use. We are the result of our habits, behaviors, and small actions. Your approach towards time and mindset about progress is what matters. That鈥檚 the surefire way to change the trajectory of your life. Upward or otherwise. I won鈥檛 promise to make you rich in 21 days....

March 14, 2022 路 8 min 路 Saqib Razzaq

You're killing yourself

Your nuts burn. Your eyes bleed. Your back aches and head spins out of fear. Your brain melts under stress and pours out of your ears. Your heart pounds like a gorilla. And you don鈥檛 even know why. We have a hustle crisis where everyone is running full speed. We don鈥檛 know what we want. We don鈥檛 care about what we have. We want more. More money to spend, more things to flex, and more people to impress....

March 11, 2022 路 5 min 路 Saqib Razzaq

15 money management lessons to change your life

Money can鈥檛 buy you happiness. But happiness can鈥檛 buy jack. If you want to live a stress-free life, you鈥檒l need money. It can also help you experience beautiful things, take care of your family, and contribute to society in a meaningful way. How much you need will vary. In the modern world, the way you manage money often decides how well you do in life. You can鈥檛 work hard, make millions, and expect to live carefree forever....

March 10, 2022 路 11 min 路 Saqib Razzaq

How to be great at whatever you do

The motivational speakers screaming at the top of their lungs aren鈥檛 all wrong. There is greatness in each of us. But we aren鈥檛 born great. Only deliberate practice combined with patience gets us there. The greatness within any field narrows down to pillar rules. If you stick to them, you鈥檒l be far ahead of the curve. There are standard barriers in all fields. The people who achieved legendary feats and left a legacy behind....

March 9, 2022 路 5 min 路 Saqib Razzaq