7 ideas to unleash your creative demons

Creativity is freedom. It lets you break out of the limits and expectations. You express your true self without filters. You put out what believe in without holding back.

No one can be creative all the time. Writers, philosophers, painters, and all other kinds of artists. At some point, they face the dilemma of not knowing what to tackle next. What separates legends from everyone else is the grit to suffer these moments. They know how to push through regardless of their feelings.

Let’s explore some ideas to help you sail through the troubling phases without being hunted down by distraction pirates. These practices can help get your creative juices flowing before pursuing your main goals.

1. Garbage warrant

We get crippled by invisible bars. We doubt our decisions. We compare our early creations with people who’ve dedicated their entire lives to a craft. We ignore the present and look at ourselves through the lens of the future. In short, we’re our own worst critics.

Let me hand you the garbage warrant. It permits you to produce shitty products without remorse. You can experiment like there’s no tomorrow. Now is the time free to pour out the talents you’ve been burying because of your desire for perfection.

Give yourself a number.

100 videos.

60 articles.

30 paintings.

Whatever applies to your industry. Then don’t let your brain produce the seeds of doubt. Don’t listen to anyone trying to tell you that you suck.

Paint until the brushes break. Write until your fingers become soar. Sing until you can’t convert air into sounds anymore. Let it out without trying to measure up to anyone. Eradicate the need to fit in or impress the critics and let the flood gates open.

2. Lucid memory tampering

Our brain’s potential is nearly limitless. It can create connections, produce scenarios and spark generation-changing ideas. It can show us the possibilities of the future while tampering with our memories.

Our memories aren’t what we think. They aren’t what we experienced or accurate depictions of what happened. Instead, they are how we feel about those events looking back.

That’s why the beautiful moments with a lover turn into bitter memories after a bad breakup. Similarly, now that you’ve grown wiser and have a better picture of life, the frustrating moments of teenage years are nothing but a sigh.

If you’re struggling to get the creative juices flowing, try to tamper a memory. Try to exaggerate how joyous you were to win a match during high school. Try to turn your embarrassing moments into slight hiccups. Try to play with how you view your past and cheer yourself up.

This will get your creative gears going and you can then focus on the task at hand. In the moment.

3. The perfect X

We’re all flawed in one way or another. That’s what defines us, makes us unique characters, and results in a beautiful world. But what if we could eradicate all the flaws?

Look around. Pick an object, person, or subject. Add, fix or stretch the qualities as you see fit. Imagine the perfect product.

Build the perfect scientist. What was their childhood like? How are they different from everyone else? What crazy practices do they follow?

Build the perfect society. How do humans interact there? What problems of the flawed world are no longer present?

Build the perfect X. Take it as far as you like.

4. Deepest observations

If you devour books by the best thinkers and explore the lives of legends, you’ll find a recurring theme. They were all keen observers. They observed nature, fellow human beings, and their thoughts. Their observations helped them understand life and the world around them. They lived, acted, and thought differently. They left behind a legacy and we remember them hundreds of years later.

We don’t have the time to pause and appreciate beauty anymore. We’re always in an invisible rush to be someplace else. Our thoughts are monkeys swinging without purpose.

Our bodies are in one place and minds somewhere else. We’re at the office eating breakfast surrounded by family. We imagine a delicious dinner in the middle of crucial meetings.

Pause and observe. Try to go deep. Take a look at an ant and ask questions. How is it moving? What must be going through her head? Observe two people talking. Analyze their body language, expressions, and hand movements. Look outside your window and try to take a screenshot of the moment. How is the weather? What color is the sky? What’s happening outside? Cars? How many? What color? Kids playing? Playing what? Feeling how?

Get lost in the moment. Your deepest observations will add authenticity to your work. They’ll provide a richer understanding of the world around you.

5. Belief busting

We’re born with zero knowledge and beliefs. Then our cultural conditioning starts. We start hanging on to values, morals, and ideas we pick from respected elders and friends. They shape us into what we become. On paper that should be a good thing. Yet, quite often these beliefs limit our abilities to thrive and reach our potential.

Think about your values and beliefs. Have you ever stopped to ask why? Who is to say they are the way to a better life? Who is to say they are in your best interest?

What if you could shred them all away? What if for a moment, you went back to being a child and questioned everything with an open mind?

6. Wear their shoes

Have you ever sympathized with a villain? If you haven’t, take a moment to think about the villain who made you feel something. Vader. Joker. Hannibal. Negan. They were not born evil. They were an innocent baby at one point. A normal child running around doing foolish things for fun. What happened?

Why are they cruel now? What makes them tick and what’s behind their vicious nature?

Once you have a bit of fun, try to replace these villains with characters from your real life. Wear their shoes and walk their life. Try to understand things from their perspective. This not only gets your creative juices flowing but can also be a powerful weapon.

If you can understand others and their point of view, you’ll be able to guide and steer them in any direction you like. This will improve your business and leadership skills and help you grow.

7. Live an era

Imagine being on a Viking ship. Think about the power and adrenaline you felt when laying eyes on land for the first time. The excitement to gather riches, fight hard and conquer.

Imagine the other side. In the morning, you look outside your window see a Viking fleet spread across the water. Think about the panic and helplessness. Think about the numb hands and cold feet caused by the sight.

Or imagine an era or captivating culture. What was it like to fight in Roman legions? What went through your body standing shoulder to shoulder in shield wall as a Spartan? How liberating it must’ve felt for Spartacus and his followers to break free of their shackles?

Paint the canvas of your mind. Let the paint flow.


Creativity should never be on a leash. There’s nothing original or undone in this world. No emotion is new. History only repeats itself. If you’re feeling something, there could be a million others like you. When you express yourself without fear of judgment, your creations leave an impact. They don’t seem pretentious or cheap ways to make a buck. They connect with others.

What’s worth more than being able to connect with fellow human beings? Who can be richer than someone who spreads positive vibes in others' lives?

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Thank you for reading.