Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

Detached from the situation

Whenever you need to make a tough call, make sure to distance yourself from your emotions. Make the call without being cluttered by them and considering all the facts and you’ll win.

Ask the team how they want to do it

If you want your team to give you their 100%, ask them how they want to do something. Of course, you won’t always agree with their approach but getting their opinion will show them that you care. If you don’t agree with them then convince them why your approach might be better. Work as a team.

Understand human nature

You are leading human beings with emotions, flaws, weaknesses, and failures. They’ve failed and succeeded. They’ve been hurt and happy. They’ve been up and down. So stop acting like you’re leading robots who’ll do anything without questions or setbacks. Understand human nature to become a more empathetic leader and gain the respect of your peers.

Give to get

Give respect to get respect. Give influence to get influence. Trust to be trusted. That’s the way the teams work.

Don’t make them do but lead them instead

It is one thing to lay down a huge list of tasks to be accomplished and another to walk through each along with your team while leading the way.

There are no bad teams, only bad leaders

If a team performs poorly, the problem is always with the leader. They have the responsibility to motivate the unmotivated, help strengthen the weak links and prioritize the subtasks. Hence, there are no bad teams. Only bad leaders.

You need to know why

If you don’t understand well enough why higher-ups want something, ask yourself why. Why would they do it? Cause if you don’t get it yourself, you won’t convince the team