The Morning Routine to Make Dreams Come True

“If you have a dream you gotta protect it” and that’ll take more than letting it bash against the walls of your brain forever. Action is far more important than the uniqueness of your idea or dream and it must cover the most precious parts of your days.

Here is what you need to do.

The first and last thing of your day should always be working on your dream.

That’s the little formula that has been extremely beneficial to a procrastination expert like me. I have dreams. A dozen of them. But thinking carefully and trying to bring it all down to skills, I have two. I need to get better at writing and speaking and all of my dreams will begin to become a reality.

I don’t come from a rich background and I have a family to take care of. That means I have to hold a job that pays for basic living expenses.

That doesn’t mean I’m ever letting the flame of my own dreams go out. I’m certain that I’m not alone in this position. I’m also not alone when I say that it is so tempting and frustrating to dwell in the circle of 9–5 where you are left with nothing but a desire to one day do what YOU want to do. We keep putting it off for the next day and then the next and the misery continues.

Every morning I set one hour to work on my writing and speaking skills before starting anything else. Then repeat the same before going to bed.

This simple yet effective rule has been helping me climb out of the pit. This works because you aren’t going to let the day get away if something unexpected comes up.

That first and last hour of the day is always yours and you must push through it no matter how lazy or tired you may feel. Here are a few reasons why this works.

Capitalize on Peak Creativity

We are sharpest in the mornings. The exact time varies from person to person but it is suggested that the brain works the best in the first few hours after waking up. Hence, instead of giving that time to your boss working on building their mission, spend that time on yourself and your dreams.

This peak creativity session will also help you get more done in less time and allow you to move towards your side-hustling goals faster.

Capitalize on Subconsciousness

Have you ever gone to sleep thinking about a problem and woke up with a solution? Sleep and dreams have long been linked to solving problems because our brain is resetting and trying to solve the unsolved before we start filling it with useless social media feeds and horrific news the next day.

You also get some gratification knowing that you took some action today to move towards the life you want and that’ll result in a more peaceful sleep.

Build Momentum

Momentum is a tricky thing. There is no button to push and switch to pull but we all have experienced it. Momentum helps us move forward or backward with less effort as we adopt habits.

You wake up and write for an hour every morning. The first week or month may suck but after that, your brain starts allocating space for writing time and things get easier and the same applies to pretty much any activity.

The habit doesn’t matter. It can be singing, writing, reading, sports, or anything. Once the habit is developed, we need less mental energy to get up and get going and results also eventually improve.

Energetic Days

Don’t we all want to be happy? Isn’t that the reason we pursue certain activities and are willing to sacrifice our free time in hopes of building something we love and want to do forever?

There has been plenty of evidence that proves that the pursuit of a dream is just as important and fun and sometimes even more than the goal itself. That’s partially the reason why we see so many successful people commit suicide because they don’t have that thrill of pursuit anymore and life becomes dull.

When we are constantly working towards our dreams and goals, our days are filled with joy and excitement, and the circle of self-loathing slowly starts getting replaced by a circle of self-praise. Happy hustling!!